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Mission Statement

Ambassador Joseph Caron devoted almost four decades in the service of Canada and Canadians in Asia. Over nine years, from 2001 to 2010, he served as Canada’s Ambassador to China, to Japan and to India, managing concurrent responsibilities with Mongolia and North Korea (from Beijing), and Nepal and Bhutan (from New Delhi).

He also represented the Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia from 1984 to 1987 in Japan. During those years, he held special responsibility for COFI programs in South Korea. He also worked, in the 1980s, for the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, focused on South and South East Asia.

“I believe that diplomacy starts in Canada and ends in Canada. ‘Diplomacy from the Ground Up’ means that relations between Canadians and our trans-Pacific neighbors are first and foremost the pursuit of very specific interests, whether those of business, universities and civil society, as well as governments.

“Diplomacy is not just for diplomats: it is an ability to bring people together, to develop an understanding of each others’ perspectives and interests, to find and build on shared goals and finally to develop the partnerships that get things done. It is an ability that is essential to modern society, at home and across borders.”

Years of involvement with the G8 and APEC at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, including as Assistant Deputy Minister for Asia-Pacific, provided a sense of the big picture. Foreign assignments in Japan (17 years), China (4 years), India (2 years) and a first posting to Vietnam served to anchor Joseph Caron to the day to day concerns of Canada's governments, enterprises, universities and Canadians as they pursued their dreams and objectives beyond our borders.

How JCI Can Assist Your Business or Organization

As a consultant, Mr. Caron can assist you in developing an understanding of developments in Asia of concern to Canadian businesses and civil society organizations. He can contribute to the development of business strategies. He can articulate how the Asian economies provide opportunities to Canadians.

For Asian firms interested in exploring and developing business opportunities in Canada, Mr. Caron will provide the type of advice and support that have been his trade-mark during his many years in Asia.

Joseph Caron considered, throughout his years as Ambassador, that an important part of his job has been in Canada. He regularly travelled from Beijing, Tokyo and New Delhi to Canada, from Halifax to Prince Rupert, to provide his views and insights on how Canadians can approach Asia and benefit from its rise. Some of his important speeches and articles are on this website. He remains available for speaking engagements to groups that want to understand what Asia means to Canadians.

The former Ambassador will also continue to pursue his academic interests in British Columbia and with Canadian and Asian universities that wish to hear the views of one of Canada’s most experienced diplomats.